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Acme International (Thailand) Ltd.
A world-class providers of quality products, reliable technologies, and superior customers value to selected global mark

Business profile
Materials & Supplies,Manufacturer, Service Provider

Our Solutions/Product Highlight
Colorant : is a organic pigment in an aqueous, anionic. These pigments generally have good to outstanding fastness to light, bleeding and chemicals. Coloring such as Red, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, Violet, etc. We can customs the color upon the customer request.

Biocide: is a mixture of biocide grades that provide the instant kill microorganisms. Such as bacteria, mold, fungi, termite and virus, providing a broad spectrum of protection from fungi, yeast, insect and bacteria for wood chips, polymers, dispersions, adhesives, paints, many households, institutional and industrial formulations, and other coating system

Cleaning : an excellent alkaline cleaning agent of metal molds for rubber with longtime

performance. As it is water-soluble, you can dilute it with water depending on the level of dirt. It is extremely efficient in removing various deposits of tarnish, oxidation, stains oil and grease.

Release Agent : is a combination of high performance release agent and wetting agent for the Particle Board, MDF, Hardboard and door skin industry.

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