Shandong Yiyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Country: China
Profile: Materials & Supplies, Fittings, Hardware & Components
Booth no. : F34

Shandong Yiyuan Wood Industry Co.,Ltd. was establised in 2019, covering an area of 200,000 square meters with more than 200 advanced production equipment and machines. We have rich experience and passed FSC, ISO certification with 20 professional wood panel processing production lines and 80 most advanced production equipment and machine. Shandong Yiyuan Wood Industry manufactures wooden panel processing, panel veneer and paper veneer production. The main products are Melamine Partical Board, Melamine MDF, Melamine plywood, OSB and Melamin solid wood. For authentic wood, we offer many types of them such as pine wood, poplar wood and paulownia wood.


Business profile

Materials & Supplies, Fittings, Hardware & Components

We mainly produce melamine paper, melamine plywood, partical board, MDF and solid blockboard. We operate an in-house melamine paper production line, offering customers the flexibility to select from a diverse palette of colors. As a manufacturer, we provide competitive pricing for our product line, which includes melamine plywood, melamine particle board, and melamine MDF. These offerings are all customizable to meet the requirements of each customer.

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Shandong Yiyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd.