G.M.I. International Limited

Country: China
Profile: Wholesaler , Materials & Supplies
Website: https://www.globaltimber.asia/
Booth no: A15

We are a Hong Kong headquartered company and exclusive licensed manufacturer in Asia for W.D.E-Maspell and O.S. Panto of Italy; both are timber drying experts in their respective fields. We have been engaged in the timber drying business since 1982. Presently we manufacture a very complete line of timber drying kilns, ranging from Conventional Kilns, to Vacuum Press Driers, Conventional Vacuum Driers, to Vacuum High-Temperture Treatment (Thermo) Plants.
Vacuum Driers to very hi-tech Vacuum Thermo (High Temperature) Treatment Plants.

Business profile
Machinery & Technology

Our Solutions/Product Highlight
Our Vacuum Driers are perfect for drying very thick (100mm and above) and hard to dry tropical timbers, 3 to 5 times faster than
Conventional Kilns. Our Vacuum Press Driers are ideal for drying thin veneers, and ensuring that they will all come out flat and straight. Above all, our Thermo Driers can easily and safely turn soft, light color woods into a beautiful dark color withiout the use of any chemicals, making them suitable for both outdoor as well as indoor usages.

G.M.I. International Limited